How long will my bouquet last?
Helium (floating) latex balloons will usually last between 6-10 hours. Mylar (foil) balloons will usually last between 4-7 days. Air inflated (non floating) balloons will last longer.

Please note that all balloon creations are intended for indoor decoration only. Exposure to high heat or direct sunlight will greatly limit last time and/or cause balloons to pop.


Can I specify a delivery time?
Deliveries are made via time slot at check out. Please choose the time slot that best suits your needs as we are unable to guarantee an exact time.

Do you deliver to business addresses?
Absolutely! Please ensure the name of the recipient, company name, full address, phone number, and floor or room number at check out. If our drivers cannot access the inside of the building or do not have descriptive location information, bouquets will be left with building reception.

Will you deliver to my child's school?
So long as the school allows delivery, yes. Please confirm with your child's school (some do not allow deliveries and/or latex balloons). All deliveries will be made to the main office. Please note that balloons can be considered a choking hazard for small children.
Will you create something custom for me?
We are happy to accommodate any additional custom requests through our parent company Balloon Celebrations.
Check out our website or contact us via phone (856) 302-6226.